Does climate change reduce manufacturing capacity?

If/when extreme weather events become more frequent, humans won’t be able to continue “business as usual”, will we?

Why not? You can’t manufacture anything when there is a really big storm going on, can you?

Manufacturing capability will have to go down during extreme weather events.

We’ll literally be forced to close factories — for days or weeks on end.

Transportation is much more difficult in extreme weather also. So that makes distribution/logistics more difficult.

Furthermore, people don’t usually go out shopping then, do they? They wait for nice and calm, sunny days instead.

So all that being said, if the greenhouse effect continues and climate change goes ahead unchecked, the ability of humans to continue to modify our environment will be significantly reduced.

Think of it this way, you can’t run a successful business on the planet Venus, can you? Or Jupiter’s red spot. The planet won’t let you do it!

So the more people there are that are sitting inside watching storms raging outside, well, the less people are driving cars and building things. Right?

So HOPEFULLY, one side-effect of more frequent extreme weather events is reduced production. Maybe it’s like natures way of telling us to slow down a bit?