Kelvinator Foodarama

Here’s an interesting video for advertisers, marketers + product designers.

Last week one of my connections posted something about this being the “lemon age” of appliances. This got me thinking…

I had an old Kelvinator when I was growing up in the 80s. And yes, ever since then, the life expectancy of fridges has sorely decreased…

Ever since about the turn of the century, I’ve always wanted one those classic old vintage Kelvinators. Not for the style, just for the longevity. But I never did anything about it.

I must be getting old or something, because spurred on by “the age of lemons” post, tomorrow, that dream will become a reality! I’ll be the proud new owner of a working* vintage Kelvinator fridge.

Not a rebuilt modern ‘retro’ model. A fully original single upright “round shoulder” model. From the late 1950s.

These really should be in the MoMA collection or something if they aren’t already. For some reason I can’t find much info on them…

*In fact if you look inline, they all appear to be working still.

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