Koalas fast disappearing; investors in CSG mining ought to be shot.

Get a load of this, the latest news story, people:

Mining company QGC given approval to clear critical koala habitat for CSG wells near Dalby

The company’s own reports submitted to the federal Environment Department said habitat “critical to the survival of the koala” would likely be affected.

“I have written to minister Jackie Trad and the Premier in recent times on several occasions saying that not one single piece of koala habitat in Queensland should be allowed to be cut down,” she said.

“You get up to 70 and 80 per cent mortality once you move animals away from their homes,” she said.

“It’s like saying to you tonight, ‘I’m going to knock your home down, no worries, I’ll build you another one, but just wait 20 years and in the meantime just wander around’.”


I used to look out for koalas every single time we went on camping vacation in Australia. Never saw a single one, not once, in all my childhood years of peering out the back car window.

Investors (and I know they’re reading) ought to be shot. Just plain taken out into a field, and shot.